15th Clinical Research Forum in Lausanne


Program 2021:

Potential of pre-clinical studies: feasibility and pilot studies

Saturday, 2021 November 6th

For studies conducted in preparation for a randomized controlled trial assessing the effect of a therapy
or intervention, three distinct types of study come under the umbrella of feasibility studies: randomised
pilot studies, non-randomised pilot studies, and feasibility studies that are not pilot studies.

A feasibility study asks whether something can be done, should we proceed with it, and if so, how.
A pilot study asks the same questions but also has a specific design feature: in a pilot study a future
study, or part of a future study, is conducted on a smaller scale. Pilot studies are a subset of feasibility
studies, rather than the two being mutually exclusive.

This year, the Clinical Research Forum has invited national and international speakers who have
made their experiences with feasibility and pilot studies. They will talk about the challenges when
planning those study designs and how therapists should interpret the results of such

To discuss this subject, three exciting key lectures and two workshops with practical application have been prepared:

Presentations and key note speakers

Reporting of pilot and feasibility studies
Prof. Gillian Lancaster, PhD; Editor in Chief of "bmc Pilot and Feasibility Studies", Professor of Medical Statistics, Keele University, Staffordshire, UK

Effect of personalized high-intensity training on the level of physical activity after thoracoscopy surgery: a feasibility study
Mélissa Lecocq, MSc; Haute École de Santé Vaud (HESAV), HES-SO master and UNIL, Lausanne, CH

Lessons learned from pilot and feasibility studies
Prof. Markus Wirz, PhD, PT; Head of Department of Research and Development Physiotherapy, Professor of Physiotherapy Sciences, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Health, Winterthur, CH


Quantitative sensory testing
Natalya Korogod, PhD, Haute École de Santé Vaud (HESAV), Lausanne, CH

Cardio-respiratory simulator
Nils Correvon, MSc & Irene Pegito Perez, PhD, HESAV, Lausanne, CH


Huub van Hedel, University Children's Hospital, Rehabilitation Center Affoltern am Albis
Martin Verra, Department of physiotherapy, Inselgruppe, Bern University Hospital


Arranged through: Foundation for Physiotherapy Science
Local organizer:     Haute École de Santé Vaud (HESAV)